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1Page Reviews collects ratings and reviews from the all the major shopping and review sites on the web. We then combine all this information into a clear, easy to use score, that you can use before you make your next purchase. 1 page of clear concise information compiled from reviewers, testers and consumers just like you.

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All the information you need, in one location.

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Clear, Easy & Accurate

Do you hate wasting hours, reading through the pages and pages of reviews on the big shopping sites? Confused by all the conflicting posts in the forums? We were too. We wanted one spot that had all the information we needed to make a smart purchase that we wouldn't regret. We couldn't find it, so we built it. 1Page Reviews combines all this information into one clear, easy to read score. One simple page with the all the info you need, and none of the hype you don't.

Top Ten Lists And Individual Product Reviews

Products - The Top Reviews & Ratings

1Page Reviews provides lists of the top 5 products in each category. For certain products that contain an abundance of top products, we expand that list to the top ten reviewed items. Along with our easy to read lists, we provide individual product reviews which let you how most reviewers and consumers rate the product. Our produt reviews contain both an overall score, and a score of the top features and details that most people find important.

Reviews And Ratings For The Services You Use

The Services That Make You Go, WOW!

We also make it easy to find fairly priced and reliable services, from vendors that truly care about their customers. From online printers to the best website hosting companies, we help you make choices you won't regret. Many companies set-up fake review sites to promote their services, and other hire trolls to make fake posts in forums and on social media. We have developed some cleaver methods to weed out these trickery, and we even go further. Companies that we find attempting to put out fake reviews and posts, are dropped in our ratings.

Need To Choose That Perfect Local Business?

To Rated Local Businesses

The best of the best in your local area.   Choose the best reviewed restaurants in your city. Find the top rated auto mechanics near you. View a list of dry cleaners that don't charge an arm and a leg. How about the best lawn care service, or a recommended hair stylist? Why take a chance, and just pick someone at random? See what experience s other have had with businesses in your town.

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The Power Of Community Ratings

Our 1page reviews also contain a user review section which you can use to rate any of the products or services listed. Share your own opinions and comments, good or bad, and help others in the community. Your community reviews receive a separately viewable score, and your comments help us all. Sign-up is free, and make your opinions count.